Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Throckmorton reports plaintiffs respond to Driscoll and Turner motions to dimiss RICO suit--funds for process insufficient, did not serve defendants, ok with dismissal without prejudice


The title sums up the situation as described so far and you can go to Throckmorton's blog to read the documents.

For those who kept track of the variety of GoFundMe's that were in place in the realm of 2013-2014 it's not entirely surprising the funds didn't get raised.  Not everyone considers the economy to have bounced back from 2008, for instance, but even if that were dismissed as a potential variable there's a concept in the non-profit sector you may have heard of or from other contexts, the concept of donor fatigue. There were enough former staffers or former members getting help that it was not a foregone conclusion there'd be money left over among prospective donors to give to another cause.

Had the funds been raised for things like the process of discovery, defendants would have been served.  At the moment nobody has been served and there's a motion from a defendant for dismissal with prejudice, although attorneys may have different perspectives on whether in would be case such as this that would be in the range of what precedent or case law permit.  In case folks weren't already aware, all comments automatically go into moderation. Do not wait with baited breath for comments about the situation to emerge.  Even though some of Driscoll's more loyal advocates might presume otherwise, WtH does actually do other things besides writing about MH.  But keeping people updated on things that happen will happen because, as has become abundantly obvious, Mark Driscoll has no plans to leave the spotlight and it's become very clear that contrary to what he said in the year he resigned, if he's got to choose between being a celebrity and being a pastor he's opted to still be a celebrity who happens to call himself a pastor.  A slightly more technical term for what he has become might be what Jacques Ellul called a propagandist, as longtime readers will have read proposed here earlier.

So, that, for the time being, is the news to report.

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