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7-25-2016, a rusty middle-aged pot calling young kettles black, Mark Driscoll's tweet about young guys with blogs ranting about the church

Brian Houston: “I guess one of the, the things that you were known for several years that’ve gone by was public criticism of other pastors and leaders. And probably the first time I’ve actually ever heard of you wasn’t because of your Bible teaching or because of your books. Or, it was actually because of your attacks on other people. So I guess would that be another area where you have regrets? Or, would you still defend that?” (18:47-19:11)

Mark Driscoll: “I would not defend that. I feel like I’ve lost any right to criticize another pastor or leader. I believe that the lack of the cause made to think I knew what they were going through or what they should say or what they should do. Having gone through this very complicated season, I don’t know what I’m supposed to say, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, and I certainly don’t feel the right to tell others what they should say or do.

That was so 2015 and, anyway, Driscoll was talking about pastors and leaders, not bloggers. It's important to keep that on mind, that Driscoll didn't say that he'd lost any right to criticize bloggers. :)
He knows exactly what to say to them, especially if they're young guys.
Dear every young guy with a blog ranting about the church – the Internet is not the Wittenberg Door and you are not Martin Luther.
9:38 AM - 25 Jul 2016

When you're closer to 50 than 20 by just a few years every guy who's even five years younger than you can seem like a spring chicken. 

 "I'm very confrontational," he says, "not some pansy-ass therapist."

When the shoe is on the other foot ... .

For a good stretch of time in the last year and a half the primary way people would hear about what Mark Driscoll was up to has been ... by blog.

So obviously Driscoll can't really be all that against blogging in principle.  He can't even be all that much against young guys on the internet ranting about the church.  He's never actually repudiated the substance of what he said on "Pussified Nation" or "Using Your Penis".  He's said that he doesn't feel the same way now that he did then here and there, but if you go searching for a moment in which he actually repudiated the substance of what he had to say as William Wallace II you'll very likely never find it, because he simply has not changed his actual thoughts on those topics in any observable way so far.  Not that he couldn't theoretically change, just that for all the words published about William Wallace II you won't easily find a moment where Mark Driscoll unequivocally said that what he actually said, in its substance, using his pseudonym William Wallace II was even potentially partially wrong.

The pedestrian irony of Mark Driscoll taking to Twitter to rebuke angry young guys who take to social media to rant about what's wrong with the Church today is that there is possibly no one in the history of the use of social media via the internet who is more deservedly notorious for doing precisely that these days than Mark Driscoll himself. 

You would think the guy who up until recently called himself Reformed as a matter of habit could spare some time to sound off on the intra-Reformed debates about Trinitarian theology or the relevance of Trinitarian formulations and confessions in connection to complementarianism.  Nah, that would involve actual thought and actual scholarship.  So what has Driscoll been doing?

Fairly softball questions answered ages ago by anyone who could bother to do even one search engine quest.  Or, you know, read their own Bibles.  And promoting a conference/school thing.

Driscoll seems to have been steadily positioning himself to shake off any association with Reformed anything, perhaps even vestigial connections.  This would be something to keep some notice of because if Driscoll were to re:boot himself as a non-Calvinist or even some kind of formal egalitarian (notice the number of times Grace refers to the church plant as "our") Driscoll's progressive critics who have been willing to sound off on him up until now might have to reconsider their approach. 

But until that actually happens it looks as if by their tweets ye shall know them, and lately a rusty pot has decided to tweet to the young kettles about the midnight of their hue.

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