Tuesday, June 21, 2016

answers to questions you didn't ask? How come comments are so infrequent?

Well, it's really simple.  Comments tend to be where otherwise okay sites descend into their lowermost depths.  It's in what comments get allowed that a blog will descend to whatever the lowest common denominator is.  For a blog that has documented the history of Mars Hill off and on over the last ... decade ... this has meant that comments offered about specific people with specific claims that, were they to be made in public at all should be in a court and not on the internet, have sometimes been submitted.  And they've been deleted.

So don't be too shocked if your comments more often than not don't appear.  There's a lot of stuff that doesn't need to appear here so much as it needs to appear for the public record in the most verifiable ways possible.  As a number of people know by now I've stonewalled a few people over the years.  I've allowed some folks to make comments when I've felt it was appropriate and informative, even in cases where it could be very easily surmised I'm not on the same page as some of them.  But in case folks need reminding, there's no obligation as such to publish comments just because people leave them.  This has been the kind of blog where, yes, I admit I have even actively discouraged and disabled comments from showing up.  It doesn't aid the interest of trying to provide a journalistic/historical survey of the life and times of Mars Hill to let people just say here what they can say elsewhere.  Odds are pretty good you all know where those other internet venues are by now anyway.

There are types of discourse in the public sphere where allowing commentary free for alls damages that kind of discourse.  Documenting things as they happen isn't the same as giving people some space to vent about how they feel or to vent about what they specifically think and feel about specific people.

One of the things that has begun to be abundantly clear is how many people in Mars Hill leadership and at large have known perfectly well who writes at Wenatchee The Hatchet.  It's not exactly a mystery and as I've written in the past the degree to which the blog seems anonymous has been less for my benefit than for those people who were still within Mars Hill in the past who I felt should be spared the possibility of some kind of punitive responses from leadership.  Conversely, that people at the highest echelons of former Mars Hill leadership have known who Wenatchee The Hatchet is kind of raises again the question of how seriously we should take the statements of "we're not entirely sure who they are".  If leaders at Mars Hill knew who writes at Wenatchee The Hatchet why wouldn't they know the names of people who got fired from Mars Hill over the last seven years?  Or did they fire so many people they can't even keep track of them all?

So, comments ARE permitted but they automatically go into moderation and it'd be advisable to not assume the comment will show up.  There are other writing projects I've been tackling and other projects that aren't necessarily prose I like to tackle from time to time.  The idea by now was that there wasn't even going to be anything Mars Hill related to blog about any more except maybe a few posts here and there on the spin-off churches to find out how they're doing.  Well, Driscoll's continuing to seek the spotlight and recycle his old hits and this RICO thing sorta happened.  Whether anything comes of it remains to be seen.  Meanwhile, don't feel too heartbroken if you want to make comments here and find they don't show up. 

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