Monday, May 23, 2016

from the satirical site The Babylon Bee: Mark Driscoll finally publicly apologizes for his faux-hawk

while over the last year or so some have insisted that Mark Driscoll has apologized to a lot of people; and while Driscoll's said he's reached out to apologize to Joel Osteen; the first public-level apology with Driscoll's name attached to it in a while is from the Christian satirical online magazine the Babylon Bee.

This is almost as good as the Door piece about Mark Driscoll kicking his own ass.

And it's unfortunately telling that THIS is probably the most high profile apology Driscoll has connected to his name since he publicly announced that he apologized to ... Joel Osteen [it's bugging me to have to link to Charisma but ... ]. 

Keep in mind Driscoll's apology was apparently over ... this ...

And Driscoll told Houston he felt convicted to apologize to Joel Osteen, who to date nobody's been able to confirm has ever met Mark Driscoll and who, to go by reports circa 2007 didn't even know who Mark Driscoll was.  Joel Osteen's ministry has never confirmed that they were actually contacted by Mark Driscoll that I can immediately recall, so if someone can confirm whether or not Osteen's ministry did confirm that Driscoll contacted them that would be helpful.  Because, frankly, until Osteens' team confirms that Driscoll actually contacted them, it's unfortunately hard to take that statement of apology any more seriously than a satirical piece at the Babylon Bee.

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