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another blast from the past 10-17-2008 "Introducing Dr. Catanzaro", formerly the naturopathic personal doctor of Mark Driscoll

Since Driscoll blogged this week about ways to be a good friend ... it might be interesting to revisit a post in which the world was given an introduction to one of those friends back on October 17, 2008

Introducing Dr. Catanzaro
October 17, 2008 at 1:16pm

Seattle is one of the most progressive cities in America when it comes to alternative medicine. This is in part due to the influence of Seattle’s Bastyr University which is one of the leading schools in the world for alternative medicine. And, this trend is growing rapidly around the nation and world as witnesses in the fact that nearly every grocery store now has an organic section and collection of naturopathic remedies for everything from colds to allergies.

Admittedly, the entire industry is not yet well regulated which leaves room for poor medical alternatives. And, much of the naturopathic world is dominated by non-Christian and even pagan thinking.

Yet, the question persists, where can Christians go to get wise counsel on navigating the world of alternative medicine? Now, they can go to The Resurgence.

Some years ago I chose a naturopathic doctor named John Catanzaro. He is a godly Christian brother, ordained evangelical pastor with a Masters Degree in theology, and also a practicing naturopathic doctor. Thanks to his help in such areas as diet and nutrition I am in the best health of my life after hitting a place of fatigue and burnout a few years back. He is a gifted doctor, wise brother, and is very sympathetic to the need of Christians to have wise counsel in navigating the growing world of alternative medicine. So, he will begin blogging at Resurgence to help serve God’s people as they pursue wisdom and health.

Dr. Catanzaro's first post

Dr. John A. Catanzaro is President and Founder of Health and Wellness Institute. He is an author, lecturer, has guest appearances on television and radio as an advocate on integrative medicine. He is affiliate clinical faculty of Bastyr University and is responsible for the advanced medical training of medical students and residents. He has served on the Washington State Healthcare Quality Assurance Commission as the Vice Chair of the Naturopathic Advisory Committee from 1999-2005. He has served as integrative medical advisor for a CDC sponsored Cancer Control Partnership in Washington State responsible in paving a new direction for integrative cancer treatment. He was selected by Seattle Magazine as one of the twenty best naturopathic physicians in Seattle. He is married and has 5 children. You can learn more about his Dr. Catanzaro’s work here.

None of the links work and the sites are down.  After Catanzaro had a license suspension all and any mention of him by Mark Driscoll seemed to vanish into thin air, as if Driscoll had never even met the guy.  For folks who are interacting with the Driscolls in the Arizona area it might be pertinent to ask, in the spirit of asking Driscolls how they live out their advice about friendship in their own lives, if they know how Catanzaro's been doing lately.
Real friends are like socks. You might lose them for a while but eventually they show back up.

6:45 AM - 1 Feb 2016

What's perhaps most peculiar and telling about this tweet is that by describing real friends as being like socks the simile breaks down at the point in which it expects the friends to eventually show back up because the only way to lose your socks for a while is to abandon them somewhere, forget where you left them, and then decide you'll go looking for them.  If you wear your socks and put them thoughtfully somewhere where you can get them you don't lose them. 

Which could just keep us thematically on the question of where, since Driscoll's seen fit to tweet bromides about friends in general, what he knows about some friends of yore in more specific ways.

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