Monday, April 04, 2016

The Trinity Church announces tentantive launch, bible studies, and Saturday work parties
We are excited to have you consider joining The Trinity Church Launch Team! Our plan is to publicly launch our new church in the late Summer of 2016, around the same time that school starts. In the meantime, we will be meeting for a Sunday Bible Study every week at our historic church home located just off Freeway 101, Exit #45 at 8620 East McDonald Drive in Scottsdale, Arizona. Once our Launch Team is ready, we will be adding worship music, kids ministry, and other Sunday elements as we work toward our eventual public launch.

In keeping with our mission, we will start with a simple family style Bible study with all ages together. Pastor Mark Driscoll will be teaching through 1 John verse-by-verse. This is the first book of the Bible that Pastor Mark ever studied as a young man, and together we will learn about The Father Heart of God.

These Sundays are an open event welcome to anyone interested in being part of The Trinity Church Launch Team. This is the best way to learn who we are, what we believe, and the mission we are on. After our Sunday Bible Study, we will be having work parties at the church that people are invited to serve at for any length of time.

Saturday Work Parties

In addition to our Sunday Bible study and work party, there will also be work parties every Saturday from 8am-4pm at The Trinity Church, excluding the weekends of Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day. You can come anytime, for any length of time, and do not need to pre-register. [emphasis added] If you want to bring landscaping, construction, or cleaning items that would be helpful. If you have any questions, specific skills, or want to work at the building at a time other than a weekend please contact

We appreciate your prayers, service, encouragement and financial support. Lastly, the best way to stay up to speed is our weekly newsletter, which you can sign up for here.

What a relief that you don't have to pre-register to attend a party that spends half your weekend doing landscaping, construction, cleaning (with your own gear) and other stuff at your own time and expense.  I admit I don't know why anyone would even expect the possibility of having to pre-register to be an unpaid volunteer doing scut work ... because back when I was a college student the only times I had to fill out paper work to clean toilets or shower stalls was when I applied for custodial jobs. 

The "back to roots" theme seems to be the theme of the year.  Maybe Driscoll's still doing the "I didn't have a father figure" spiel on the road but if he is then this kind of clashes with the whole story of how he's naming the church after the name of the church his father-in-law was a pastor at for decades.  Do father-in-laws not count in Mark Driscoll's taxonomy of paternal role models?

Mark and Grace, as usual over the last ten years, are as close as they've ever been.  The clean-up prep parties seem to be the thing that'll be going on just about every weekend except for major holidays during the summer. 

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