Saturday, April 09, 2016

real estate follow up: CWU is front runner for next Mars Hill tenant in Sammamish

A bit more than a year ago the city of Sammamish bought what was once Mars Hill Sammamish

Sammamish council approves $6.1 M purchase of Mars Hill property

The property was bought May 4, 2015 for $6,100,000.00 from Mars Hill Church by the city of Sammamish

Where the $6.1 million went may never get solved.  At any rate ... the Sammamish real estate, which was essentially gifted to Mars Hill, was bought back for the aforementioned price and it looks like the reason has been a number of schools had an interest in using the real estate, even if a number of them dropped out because of concerns about finances.
March 28, 2016
article by Greg Farrar

Central Washington University appears to be the frontrunner in the city’s quest to fill the former Mars Hill Church with some sort of higher education entity.

City Manager Lyman Howard made that announcement at the March 22 special meeting of the City Council. He said Central’s proposal seems to most closely match the intent of the council when it purchased the property.

The city bought the vacant, former church at 120 228th Ave. NE in March 2015 for $6.1 million. The explicitly stated purpose was to attract higher education to Sammamish in an area that already features three high schools. Three higher education institutions signed initial letters of interest, but have since bowed out mostly due to funding concerns.

It seems that after all this time Mars Hill had been sitting on real estate that would seem ideal for educational institutions.  Now that the city formally owns the real estate (again) the contest is looking to be over which school can make use of the former Mars Hill campus.

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