Saturday, April 16, 2016

links for the weekend

Someone said "it is enough for students to be like their teacher". Depends on what kind of teacher ... not that it seems like there needed to be a study to verify this, but someone did a piece pointing out that narcissistic business students thrive under narcissistic business professors

Now narcissism may be one of the most over-diagnosed conditions by laity of the entire human race these days but ... . it might be worth asking whether the perceived rise in narcissism in America hasn't been modeled for "them" by "us" for a generation or two.

Over at the Atlantic Asher Elbein argues that the problem with genre cinema is that it's too beholden to its source material "canon".

There's a lot that could be said about the problems in comics canon.  What happens in the lesser comics films is that the films trot out iconic "moments" that are canon in the comics but without any of the narrative or character developmental set-up that gave those moments their iconic/canonic status.  There might be more to say on this topic at some other time, but this is just a "links for the weekend" post.

Alastair Roberts has been making a case here and there for dropping the modern romantic comedy in favor of Austen and how Jane Austen's observations of insular little towns can be instructive for how we use social media.

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