Tuesday, April 05, 2016

a heavy metal version of the allegro molto from Shostakovich string quartet No. 8

HT to Daniel Corr. :)


Roger Scruton wrote a few years back that he taught a music appreciation class, if memory serves, and noticed that the metal fans were the most articulate and thoughtful about their own favorite music and other musical styles.  They were the ones who had the easiest time "getting" the classical tradition.

Well ... sure.  I know that and I'm not even really all that into metal.

When metal guitarists take the time to transform a movement from a Shostakovich string quartet into a fantastic heavy metal performance ...

A point I haven't made here as much as I could is that if there's an illusion in the "ontologically thick" paradigm of music that Gracyk introduced years ago it's a conceptual trap, which is to imagine that a different timbre could in some sense constitute a truly different musical moment.  It "can" be that way in that the dance of the sugar plum fairies on a piano won't mean the same thing as if played on a celesta. 

I love classical guitar music but I'm not with Segovia's dislike of the electric guitar.  Metal renditions of Shostakovich are fine by me.  I like the bluegrass version of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" better than the original.


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