Thursday, February 04, 2016

Driscoll tweet on how real friends are like socks, might be lost a while but they show back up. So ... what about Driscoll's old friend and doctor John Catanzaro?
Real friends are like socks. You might lose them for a while but eventually they show back up.

6:45 AM - 1 Feb 2016

Well ... in the interest of considering a sock ... what about Mark Driscoll's friend naturopath John Catanzaro?  For those who don't remember him, he was the subject of a few blog posts here.

how about Driscoll's little forward on page 4 of this?

"With the legalization of marijuana in Washington State I wrote a free ebook on the issue theologically and pastorally. I did not address the medical issues because that was beyond my scope of expertise. However, my doctor and friend Dr. John Catanzaro was kind enough to research the medical aspects of marijuana usage and write them up. We genuinely hope this helps Christians make wise decisions and provide wise counsel--especially parents and ministry leaders."

Mark Driscoll
Pastor Mars Hill Church

Well ... turns out there's robots.txt for Catanzaro's actual articles still, after all.

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