Friday, February 05, 2016

Chris Rosebrough discusses Perry Noble's opinion on whether Mark Driscoll should be able to start a church after having left Mars Hill.

Rosebrough discusses Perry Noble's recent attempt to talk about whether Mark Driscoll should be trying to plant a new church.

mention also made of former MH pastor Dave Kraft responding to Noble's video

Perry, I appreciate your heart in all of this, but do wish you had done your homework and exercised due diligence by finding out what really happened at MHC! I'm afraid you are in the dark about the truth of what transpired and why The Acts 29 network, Paul Tripp and 30 former elders believe that Mark Driscoll disqualified himself and needs to make some things right before stepping back into pastoral ministry! I appreciate your ministry, read your books and value your leadership wisdom.

(WT has a post over here, too If the history of things connected to Driscoll getting taken down persists it can be good to have redundant preservation of statements.)

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