Friday, February 26, 2016

at Get Religion Julian Duin observes that the Daily Beast feature is the best of the lot

Now to the Daily Beast story. While I wouldn’t call this first-person news feature the most objective, balanced reporting on the planet (That “a macho, vengeful God” reference? Get serious), the reporter did more shoe leather reporting than other outlets in getting quotes from former followers in Seattle. She combed through former members’ blogs, interviewed folks who used to attend Mars Hill and contacted some of the church leaders listed on Driscoll’s new Phoenix church site

Of mainstream coverage summarizing what has happened, yes, it's the best overall one so far.  So far the best coverage done by secular publications has, easily, been The Stranger. 

Of course here at Wenatchee The Hatchet some effort has been taken to document things as they happen but, you know ... blogs.  They don't count in the same way as a publishing platform the way a magazine does.

Terry Mattingly has a piece from back in 2014 that seems worth quoting:

In other words, if Mars Hill is a kind of mini-denomination of its own, who has the legal, as well as the doctrinal, right to investigate and then pass judgment on its founder? You can see hints at this confusion at several points in the Times report.

Since Driscoll would go on to resign in October 2014 the answer as to who had the legal and doctrinal right to investigate and then pass judgment on the founder was, ultimately, just Mark Driscoll.  We'll potentially never know what the Board of Elders appointed to assess Driscoll may have ever decided because it's not even entirely clear they ever even completed their investigation.  The Board of Overseers or the Board of Advisors and Accountability weren't the same as the BoE.  It seems a bit optimistic to hope that Matt Rogers (who was on both the BoAA and the BoE in the final formal year of Mars Hill) would talk to Julia Duin about what was going on. 

Kerry Dodd hasn't stopped listing himself as the president of Mars Hill just yet ... .

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