Monday, February 01, 2016

an annotated overview of the support roster for the new church Driscoll's launching, noting that a decent chunk of names look familiar from the A29/MH BoAA era
Church Leaders and Pastors Praying for The Trinity Church

Trevor Barton – Lead Pastor
The Creek Church
London, Kentucky

Matt Brown – Senior Pastor
Sandals Church in Riverside California

Bil and Jessica Cornelius – Senior Pastor
Church Unlimited in Corpus Christi Texas

Terry and Judith Crist – Senior Pastors
City of Grace Church in Mesa, Arizona
Chair of the Arizona Governors Council on Faith and Community Partnerships

Dr. Darryl Delhousaye – President
Phoenix Seminary

Mark Demoss – Founder
The Demoss Public Relations Group

Jimmy Evans – Pastor
Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo Texas
President of Marriage Today

Travis Hearn – Senior Pastor
Impact Church in Scottsdale Arizona

Chris Hodges – Founding and Senior Pastor
 Church of the Highlands in Alabama

Dr. Greg Kappas and Debbie Kappas
 Grace Global Network planting churches globally, Christian authors

Kappas was around in the earliest years.  It's hard to know why Kappas could play a useful role in reining in Mark Driscoll's character issues now when he produced no evidence of being able to play such a role in the last twenty years.

Chan Kilgore – Senior Pastor
 CrossPointe Church in Orlando Florida

Levi Lusko – Senior Pastor
 Fresh Life Church in Kalispell Montana

Josh McDowell
 Christian author and speaker

Josh McPherson – Senior Pastor
 Grace City Church in Wenatchee Washington
 Northwest Regional Director Acts 29
Josh McPherson: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska - 26 Churches

Once again this raises an interesting question of why Acts 29 leadership backed off the content in which they said they wanted Driscoll to step away from ministry and get help if a regional director of Acts 29, the Northwest division where you'd think Acts 29 would be most informed of the problems board leadership said Driscoll had, is publicly listed as a prayer supporter.

Miles McPherson – Senior Pastor
 The Rock Church in San Diego California

Johnnie Moore
 Christian author, speaker, humanitarian, former chaplain and Senior Vice President of Liberty University

Robert Morris – Founding and Senior Pastor
 Gateway Church in Dallas Texas
Throckmorton has that topic fairly decently covered for those who aren't already up to speed.

Perry Noble – Senior Pastor
 NewSpring Church in Anderson South Carolina

Larry Osborne – Senior Pastor [a Wayback link establishing Osborne was on the Mars Hill BoAA]
 North Coast Church in Vista California
[see page 3 of the linked doc where Driscoll explained in 2007 that he consulted with Osborne on re-architecting Mars Hill into a multi-site)

This is a reminder that according to Mark Driscoll's stories on the road in 2015 the Board of Mars Hill proposed he submit to a restoration plan and Mark Driscoll even said he agreed.

Osborne had been named publicly as far back as the middle of 2012 as someone who would be part of a team that would assess formal charges against Mark Driscoll.
In the event that a formal charge and/or accusation is made against Pastor Mark that, if investigated and found to be true, would disqualify him from his position as an elder in Mars Hill Church, a group of five men consisting of both elders within Mars Hill Church and Christian leaders outside of Mars Hill Church, will investigate the charge or accusation and determine if it is true. This group currently consists of Jamie Munson, Dave Bruskas, James MacDonald, Darrin Patrick, and Larry Osborne. If the charge or accusation is found to be true, this group can rebuke Pastor Mark or, if warranted, remove him as an elder at Mars Hill Church. If Pastor Mark is removed as an elder, he automatically ceases to serve on the Board of Elders, on the Executive Elder Team, and as president of Mars Hill Church.

So it would appear that by Mark Driscoll's account he agreed to a restoration plan, then decided to resign, and now it would appear that one of the members of the Board at the time Driscoll resigned in October 2014, is publicly willing to say that the way Mark Driscoll decided to not comply with the restoration plan was okay?

“The Board of Overseers has accepted that resignation and is moving forward with planning for pastoral transition, recognizing the challenge of such a task in a church that has only known one pastor since its founding,” states the letter, signed by Michael Van Skaik, Larry Osborne, Jon Phelps and Matt Rogers.

and for the rest of the list:

Les and Lesslie Parrott
 Christian authors and speakers

Kent Redfern – Senior Pastor
 Muldoon Community Assembly Church in Anchorage Alaska

Ryan Rice – Senior Pastor
 North Valley Church in Phoenix Arizona

Brandon Thomas – Senior Pastor
 Keystone Church in Keller Texas

Carl Totti – Senior Pastor
 Trinity Church in Lubbock Texas

Ryan and Amy Visconti – Lead Pastors
 Generation Church in Mesa Arizona

Don Wilson – Senior Pastor
 Christ Church of the Valley in Peoria Arizona

Wayne Grudem's name, notably, was reportedly there and then not.  But the names that have stuck around through today that can be obviously observed from the history of Mars Hill in the last eighteen years are interesting.  If Osborne didn't manage to be part of a governance system that kept Driscoll from going askew in the 2007-2012 era during a couple of significant re-orgs why should anyone be sure Osborne will play a different role now?  The same goes for Kappas.  These were guys who were in positions, if we're to believe things said about Driscoll's submission to spiritual authority in the last eighteen years, to have advised Driscoll that this or that idea was not so good.  And yet Result Source and citation errors and fiscal cliffs happened anyway. 

As you've had a chance to read for yourself, some of the people who are praying for the church launch are people who have had their own headlines involving Result Source; their own stories of advising Driscoll in the 2007 through 2012 period of governance; their own explaining to do as to why Acts 29 associates are publicly letting themselves be listed as prayer/support people when Acts 29 board leadership seemed pretty clear Mark Driscoll needed to step aside and get help.

Osborne, he was on the Board of Advisors and Accountability at the time Mark Driscoll resigned.  He could have a lot of explaining to do.


Anonymous said...

Most of the people named above I am vaguely familiar with. But what shocks me is that some of these people would be associated in any way with MD. It saddens me that members of the evangelical-industrial complex appear to be circling the wagons instead of standing up for the truth of Christ.

The recently-retired pastor of my own church is friends with pastor Kent Redfern from Alaska, who has spoken at our church before. It makes my own church feel tainted that somebody associated with it would be a MD supporter.

All of this has me left asking, are they ANY "good" churches left? After my first 22 years in the Catholic church and another 28 in various evangelical ones, I'm wondering where to turn now . . .

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

To give a bunch of them the benefit of a doubt, for the time being, there's every possibility that whatever version of the history of Mark Driscoll's time in ministry they may have heard is ... let's just use the terms "selective" or "incomplete". Many people didn't know for half a decade even within membership at Mars Hill how the 2007 terminations and trials occurred and it took seven years from that time for the vast majority of the elders who were involved in that process to publicly repudiate the actions as injustice and apologize for their part in it.

One of the occupational hazards of watchblogging that's too often tripped up many writers is succumbing to the temptation to be sure of motives. It's not good to assume the best or the worst about who's endorsing for what. But it is fair game to ask Osborne about Driscoll's resignation since that was a public matter and the corporation known as Mars Hill seems to have been dissolving anyway, so what's there to be kept secret any longer?