Saturday, February 06, 2016

Amarillo--Trinity reverend to serve on controversial pastor's church board
Posted: February 5, 2016 - 9:19pm

Trinity Fellowship Church Lead Pastor Jimmy Witcher said Driscoll and Evans met at a Gateway Church conference shortly after Driscoll resigned from Mars Hill. The pair soon after formed a spiritual bond.

Evans said Driscoll’s past did not deter him from serving on the board of the new church.

“When I first met Mark, he was very broken and honest about his shortcomings in his previous church,” Evans said. “I ministered to him a lot about those issues, as did some of my friends. We all see a great heart and tremendous potential in him.”

Also serving on the new church’s board is Gateway Church Senior Pastor Robert Morris, and Randal Taylor, vice president of television at Dunham+Company.

Taylor, Evans, Morris and Larry Osborne, a senior pastor at North Coast Church in California and a one-time board of advisers member to Mars Hill, are listed in the role of “wise counsel” to The Trinity Church.

“As far as offering wise counsel, it is just a role of being there to help Mark process issues as they come up,” Evans said.

“Related to being on the governing board, we help Mark make the larger decisions related to the direction, finances, governance and legal issues of the church.”

Evans stressed his new responsibilities in Driscoll’s church will not interfere with his duties in Amarillo.

Taylor was tough to pin down because of the common name factor.  His LinkedIn profile has subsequently vanished but thanks to journalists being journalists, which Taylor has been confirmed. 

It's worth repeating that Larry Osborne was not only on the Mars Hill BoAA during 2014 he was also one of the men who played an advisory role to Mark Driscoll in the 2006-2007 period during which there were those by-laws revisions and the termination and trials of Meyer and Petry.  If Osborne's willing to let his name be publicly attached to Driscoll as "wise counsel" can he field a few questions from members of the press about his now close to decade-long association with Driscoll in media terms?  Osborne was wise counsel to Driscoll a decade ago and Driscoll turned around and by 2008 was figuratively and literally regarding dissent against executive eldership as demonic.

Should you wish to read the mountain of transcript from that 2008 teaching seminar ...

Wenatchee The Hatchet was part of a ministry in 2008 that was required to listen to the whole thing so as to be able to field questions about it if those came up.  There were a lot of nails in the coffin for membership at Mars Hill and that multi-hour marathon in which Driscoll talked about spiritual warfare was one of them. 

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