Wednesday, January 27, 2016

a Slate piece by someone with 200k in student debt

Long and kind of gloomy.  While some have advocated that community college and education be free to all who need it it's hard to feel much enthusiasm about that.  It's not the job training part that's bad.  No ... it's just that a century ago we didn't have the public school system o fthe sort we now take for granted.  The various caste systems were not yet in play.

No, I'm just wondering about the cultural possibility that once community college is available across the board, given the American obsession with performance, it'll be like we're preparing a new generation to be in public school before transitioning into the workforce even longer.  It seems as though what we want to try to do is not keep raising the start time for getting work when we could brainstorm ways to revive the unskilled labor market.  Otherwise inequality will continue to expand.  Why would it not? 

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