Sunday, January 17, 2016

a joke over at Ribbon Farm about mid-life crisis as an opportunity some may take to rewrite the history of the world to revolve around themselves a little more

If you are reasonable and very bright, a midlife crisis is an opportunity to rewrite your own personal history a little more thoughtfully and coherently. You might sublimate the envy and stoke the passion evoked by  your favorite Big History. You might develop a humbler, more realistic perspective on life, informed by the various Little Histories in the zeitgeist.

This is of course, a game for brilliant idiots.

If you are unreasonable and hopefully not too bright, a midlife crisis is an opportunity to rewrite the history of the world to revolve around yourself a little more. This is not anthropocentrism (that is something you can find in both the Big History and Little History sections of Walmart), it is egocentrism
Those italics are original.
Not that we've ever met anyone who has ever seemed to pick option 2, right?

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