Friday, January 01, 2016

2016 and Mark Driscoll Ministries--a year to re:cycle and re:launch re:purposed content

So it would appear that Mark Driscoll's got more old books coming back in revised forms.  It's said that Doctrine is going to make a comeback as It's All About Jesus. Two basic questions about that:

1) will the copyright be in just the name of Mark Driscoll?
2) will Driscoll finally excise the Breshears content entirely, which featured the wildly inaccurate and soundly beaten down foolishness asserted about the Targum Neofiti that was disproven by scholars Robert Cargill and Christian Brady?

It may be worth revisiting the fact that since the dawn of this millennium the only substantial works Breshears published were co-authored with Mark Driscoll.  What Breshears' future writing projects may include, if anything, remains to be seen.

Doctrine would not be the only book from the past of Mars Hill that has been given a spot for retooling.  Radical Reformission appears to have been de-radicalized and issued as Reformission. If someone can confirm who owns the copyright on that re-issued book feel free to contrinbute a comment that goes into the moderation queu.

This would appear to be an all new year in 2016, a year in which Driscoll 's ministry continues to re:cycle and re:vive intermittently re:dacted contact that;s being re:issued while Mark Driscoll and company solicit donations. 

There was a time long ago when Driscoll warned people from the pulpit against those guys in ministry who preach their handful of sermons, pull of stakes, and go somewhere to some other place where they haven't preached before and start recycling all their greatest hits.  The irony in Driscoll having preached that message is how thoroughly he now embodies what he so fervently preached against.  .


Eric said...

... and still preaches. When the slogan "it's all about Jesus" is used by someone who fits the definition "self-promoting Christian celebrity" as closely as anyone does, that's irony.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

It may be an irony the man is incapable of conceding.

As for "it's all about Jesus" that may sound like a great riff from a marketing strategy perspective but even a modalist can say it's all about Jesus.