Wednesday, December 16, 2015

weird and fun riffs on Star Wars ... Luke as jihadi (weird) a ballad of Piett (fun)

Of all the strange riffs on the net about Star Wars one of the strangest ones is ...

Luke was radicalized into a jihadist by some old bearded guy in the desert.  A lot has to be rested on the ignored fact that in the original Star Wars trilogy Luke DOES NOT WANT to kill his father even though he's pressured to do so implicitly by Yoda and explicitly (or as explicitly as permitted) by Obi Wan Kenobi.  To reformulate this in more contemporary pop cultural terms, Sokka tells Aang he's got to kill the Firelord but Aang doesn't want to do it.  Ignoring this sort of narrative detail breaks an argument, so the idea that Luke was radicalized into being a terrorist against the Empire is a little tough to sell when it skips over one of the most patenty obvious things about Return of the Jedi.

But since that sort of pop culture riffing is less about taking the films on their own terms than transforming them into fodder for political screeds ... favors can be returned and so they were.

Meanwhile for those interested in a riff on something from the actual films. :)

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