Sunday, December 13, 2015

Warren Throckmorton: Driscoll listed as director of newly incorporated The Trinity Church in Phoenix

There have been six distinct narrative threads on how and why Mark Driscoll resigned from ministry at Mars Hill in October 2014.  We've discussed those different accounts.

What was not in question was whether or not Driscoll planned to start another church as soon as possible.  Throckmorton has an update.

Let's remember that as Throckmorton reported things the leadership of Mars Hill stated that by quitting in the way that he did (which was unexpected) Mark Driscoll pre-empted the possibility of spiritual restoration and discipline.  It would seem that Driscoll spent his public ministry telling people to submit to spiritual leadership and restorative discipline right up to the moment where he'd have to face it himself and then quit and only the following calendar year explained, on the road, to the conference scene, that he got direct permission from God to not live by the rules which he preached were binding and serious on others.

As refusal to submit to a Mars Hill leadership proposed restorative plan after someone's sin has been discovered goes Mark Driscoll can be legitimately compared to Andrew Lamb. As reported by Matthew Paul Turner, Andrew was discovered to have sinned, given a spiritual restoration/discipline plan, and then decided he wouldn't go along with that and left the church.  Although that said, the striking differences between Driscoll and Lamb would be that Lamb didn't spent the next calendar year after he quit claiming God gave him direct permission to bail on the church he'd been part of for years; and Lamb didn't start the company that is currently moving toward dissolution.

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