Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Throckmorton revisits a Jimmy Evans prophecy that Drscoll would go on to be part of another, greater ministry--and Evans is a director at a pending church, perhaps revealing the great power of the prophecy was its self-fulfilling element
If you click the Instagram link in this tweet, you will come to a picture of Evans talking to a standing Driscoll in the front row of the crowd. According to Greenwood, Evans said:
You lead a great movement as a brother, you will lead a greater one as a father, your later years will surpass your younger.
The nice thing about prophetic claims is that they can be checked. If Evans is referring to Mars Hill Church as “the great movement as a brother,” then the claim is debatable given that Driscoll left the church in disarray and about to fragment. If Evans meant Acts 29 Network, then it obvious that the claim is wildly inflated in light of the network’s removal of Mars Hill due to Driscoll’s actions. In light of the facts, one could easily predict that his later years will surpass his younger.
Any port in the storm I guess. The apostolic crowd appears eager to incorporate Driscoll into their tribe

Mark Driscoll once preached in a sermon that sometimes you have to be the answer to your own prayer
I’m gonna say something that will sound crazy, but stick with me. Boaz prays that God would bless her in every way. He is essentially saying, if I might extrapolate, “I pray that God would give you food. I pray that God would give you a home. I pray that God would give you friends. I pray that God would give you love. I pray that God would give you a husband. I pray that God would give you children. I pray that God would bless you in every way that God can bless.” Did that prayer of Boaz come true? Did God answer that prayer? Yes. Who did God send to answer the prayer of Boaz? Boaz. I will argue, based upon this text, that sometimes we need to answer our own prayers.

Well, Jimmy Evans, as a director of The Trinity Church (which for the time being must meet in the alternate universe dimensionality of a box at a UPS store in some kind of mall, at least for now) may subscribe to the virtue of self-fulfilling prophecies.

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