Thursday, December 10, 2015

Driscoll tweet on Ecclesiastes 9:9 as a ... prooftext for the trophy wife? This doesn't look like progress on the views-on-women front.

Driscoll's days of being away from social media have clearly been over for some time.  And so he's back to Twitter.  Sometimes he unfurls stuff like this.
The wife God gives you is your reward for all your earthly toil. Eccl 9:9

5:09 AM - 5 Nov 2015
No doubt Hosea agreed!  How he must have thought Gomer was the reward he got for his earthly toil on that wedding day.
Job, too, when his wife admonished him to "bless" God and die, she was at that moment the reward for Job's toil.
How about Ezekiel, being warned by God that he was about to lose his wife, the delight of his eyes, and that he would not be permitted to mourn her death in public?
Yep, nothing proves Driscoll's views on women and marriage have totally changed for the better like prooftexting Ecclesiastes 9:9 in a way that easily reads as a defense of the trophy wife.

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