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another thought on the Jimmy Evans self-fullfilled prophecy about Driscoll going from angry older brother to father ... the precedent of angry older brothers as sinners judged by God for the evil in their hearts

I was trying to make sense of everything that was going on and what I was to learn from it and I was sitting in a pastors conference with a bunch of charismatics and pentecostals because they tend to be the most encouraging and loving I’ve found. And so they invited me just to come and observe and learn and not teach but just to learn and so I was there at this large pastors conference and I’m sitting, you know, near the front row, and I’m just kinda on the verge of losing it all the time, emotional still, and this pastor gets up and says, well before I speak, I have a word for Mark Driscoll, and I was like, aw man, I do not want a word. I just want to sit here and be anonymous and not get the prophetic word. And so, he got up and gave a word that was a word from the Lord and it just cut me to the heart. And what he, the basic gist of what he said was, you left ministry as an angry older brother and you’ll return as a loving father.

And then he pulled me aside afterword in his Ford truck cause that’s where the Shekinah Glory dwells and the good stuff goes down. So we sat in his truck and he said, you started off as a guy who was angry with some bitterness and you attracted a lot of angry bitter young men with father wounds and they picked up on your tone of anger and bitterness.

Are articles of incorporation featuring Jimmy Evans and Mark Driscoll where the Shekinah Glory dwells, too?

See, the thing here is that Mark Driscoll's gone back to Ecclesiastes, one of the first books he preached through.  He's bringing back all his old stuff with a few redactions here and there.  If Driscoll's supposedly coming back as a loving father why's he so dependent, even now, on recycling so much of what he did in his angry older brother phase?

Mark Driscoll left ministry after having been submitted, by his own account, a restoration plan that would help him deal with a set of sins the Mars Hill Board saw in his life.  By claiming the "God said I could lave" card and bailing on that restoration plan Mark Driscoll not altogether unlike Andrew Lamb, decided to bail on the restorative disciplinary process Mars Hill leadership gave him.  If Andrew Lamb confessed of his own initiative, Driscoll merely conceded things like "maybe I made a mistake" to Janet Mefferd when she challenged him on whether his books had plagiarism in them or not.  Driscoll's reaction also included, for those who heard the audio, saying to Mefferd he thought she was being "accusatory and unkind". 

Driscoll left as an angry older brother, perhaps, but if he's going to quote someone invoking the imagery of an angry olde rbrother let's not forget a couple of things.

Obvious points, really.

Who's the first angry older brother in the Bible?  Cain

Who's the older brother who got angry because he was cheated of his birthright that he thoughtlessly sold for a bowl of stew?  Who was described as passed over for the younger for the sake of a promise?  Esau.

Who's the angry older brother in one of Jesus' parables?  Yep, we know that one, the one who was angry that his profligate younger brother was restored and he had to split the inheritance with this jerk. 

The problem with older brothers in the actual bible is they are often presented as bad guys who don't really love the Lord or the things of the Lord and who treat them lightly or with disdain.  Some of them harbor unrepentant sin and murder in their hearts for a long, long time.

Driscoll can re:cycle and re:brand all he wants. He still left mars Hill before the restoration process could be completed.  If the people of Mars Hill were willing to consider Andrew a wolf for refusing to comply with a disciplinaryh plan after he confessed, how much more could Driscoll be considered a wolf for never confessing the extent to which books with his name on them did not give credit where it was due going back as far as eleven years, books that have been retroactively changed to deal with the plagiarism scandal?  Consider that Driscoll not only bailed on a restoration process at Mars Hill he even claimed God told him he was released, even though the previous year he warned Mars Hill to not trust any old guy who says "God told me" but to observe whether the person submits to godly authority in a godly way.  Driscoll does not seem to have seen fit to follow that paradigm in his own life. 

It's a shame.  Driscoll has come to embody at every level everything he warned us ten years ago to run away from in a self-described spiritual leader.  And now his kids can one day end up on the internet and read about how Poppa Daddy wrote about "using your penis".  To date Mark Driscoll has never repudiated the substance of what he declared as William Wallace II. He's said "I dont' feel the same way".  So what.  Does he still think the same way?  When he tweets about Ecclesiastes 9:9 and says your wife is a reward for your toil, that trophy wife theology suggests that Mark Driscoll hasn't changed in any meaningful way. That his wife doesn't think he's said or done things that could be construed as misogynistic is hardly a surprise, but Driscoll's tweet of trophy wife theology proves her wrong anyway.  That's a tweet from this year, folks.

If Driscoll says the Bible doesn't have anything to say about young men ... well, we can get metaphorical but ...

1 John 1:23

I am writing to you, fathers, because you know him who is from the beginning. I am writing to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one.

Mark Driscoll's Bible still seems to be a sock puppet that always agrees with him, hat tip to a remark made by one Nick Bulbeck.

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