Wednesday, November 11, 2015

over at Mark Driscoll Ministries, a guest post featuring content from Ashley ... Mark Driscoll keeps dragging his kids into the spotlight two years after "The Hardest Part"?

We've discussed the disparity between Mark Driscoll in 2013 on his kids being exposed to stuff via social media before

Back in 2013 there was "The Hardest Part", where Driscoll regaled us with the travails of his kids and wife because of his public ministry.

At Thrive he shared how the kids found out about the resignation through social media before he or Grace told them, apparently, even though based on the Brian Houston interview there had to have been at least 17 hours or so in which to have told the kids "Poppa Daddy quit".

Be all that as it may, this year Mark Driscoll Ministries has not just featured Grace Driscoll on friendship and noted Alexie's birthday, this week Mark Driscoll Ministries brings up something that had a short live over at Pastor Mark TV, blog content from Ashley.

There's this old axiom about eating your cake and having it, too.  This has been discussed by others before but it bears repeating, Mark Driscoll seems unable or unwilling to piece together that to the extent that he keeps featuring his children on all manner of social and/or broadcast media he's keeping them in the spotlight.

If the spotlight is where trouble has come from isn't it okay to let the kids have normal lives?  Or is that possible?  A parent is certainly entitled to be proud of what his/her child is doing and achieving (unless all pride is utterly satanic, which may or may not be how Driscoll thinks about pride these days).

Still, for a guy who took such pains in 2013 to share how scary things were for his kids how sure can Driscoll be that things are different in Phoenix?

Well, though featuring the Driscoll kids at the website seems counterintuitive, it's possible Ashley has learned from the mistakes of her dad who once sounded off on women as penis homes.  Here's to the hope that if she's going to keep ending up on social media anyway thanks to Poppa Daddy that Ashley Driscoll proves, 20,000 times more prudent than her dad about thinking through the internet-is-a-long-time dynamic of social media.

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