Friday, November 27, 2015

it is Black Friday and there are they who would say do not go out and buyest thou nothing this day

So once again it's Black Friday and once again the internet will brim with those who say we should buy nothing today. Again there will be internet memes about buying cheaply made stuff in foreign lands made by the hands of slave labor in China.

And, of course, people in a post-industrial Western empire that invented the internet absolve themselves of being part of that empire by choosing to say we should not buy stuff on one designated day.

Jesus is recounted as having run into people who insisted that there were certain things you shouldn't do on a certain day.  For those folks it was the Sabbath and there was stuff you expected to not do on that day. 

Well, let's consider Black Friday with that in mind.  It's easy to say "don't buy anything today." 

But which of you, if you find the light bulbs in your home have burned out, won't go buy new light bulbs so you can see inside your own home on Black Friday?

And which of you, should you run out of toilet paper on Black Friday, will not go out and get toilet paper?

Refraining from buying stuff you don't really need and perhaps only momentarily feel you want is a lesson where if you didn't learn it every other day of your life you won't learn on Black Friday just because some people on the internet have decided to make a point of celebrating their own sense of righteousness.

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