Wednesday, October 28, 2015

over in the Ukraine, a statue of Lenin gets a make-over into a statue of Darth Vader

any chance our Lenin in Fremont could get a comparable make-over? ;)

there's a couple of larger-scale projects incubating. Best to keep working on them rather than explain them too much in advance.  Rest assured, they are not scintillating reading.  One is a potentially sprawling music history rumination and the other is shaping up to be a general defense of the legitimacy of what has come to be known as watchblogging. Neither is exactly a small project. 

Oh, yes, and since it's the tenth anniversary of the start of Avatar: The Last Airbender a rant on the abject artistic failure of Legend of Korra is still taking shape.  It's terrible that such a great first series could lead to such a bad-as-the-prequels-to-Star-Wars trainwreck.

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