Wednesday, October 21, 2015

over at The Weekly Standard someone suggests, while colleges are agonizing over whether to rescind those honorary doctorates from Bill Cosby, why they ever gave them out in the first place

If one good thing comes out of the Bill Cosby Crisis, The Scrapbook is fairly certain what it will be. For as the New York Times reported in a recent story, the 60 or so institutions of higher learning in America that have, during the past few decades, conferred honorary degrees on Bill Cosby are now agonizing about what to do. Some have chosen not to act in response to the allegations against Cosby; others have officially revoked their degrees; still more have rules against such retroactive gestures.
No, The Scrapbook’s hope is general, not specific: Perhaps, at long last, and in light of the criminal allegations surrounding Bill Cosby, American colleges and universities will take a good, long look at their contemporary habit of conferring honorary degrees on celebrities—and largely for the purposes of providing “entertainment” at commencement

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