Sunday, October 18, 2015

Looking back on Doug Wilson on Mark Driscoll before the resignation, does Doug Wilson still consider Mark Driscoll a friend now?

He's been busy reacting and ruminating on stuff more connected to Rod Dreher this year but Doug Wilson did not miss an opportunity to sound off on things Driscoll as the plagiarism controversy erupted in late 2013.   By March 2014 the controversy surrounding having rigged a spot on the NYT best seller list had broken, too.

At least before Driscoll resigned, Doug Wilson took efforts to affirm their friendship, despite a few differences on a few things.  Observe ...
December 9, 2013
I will say at the outset that I consider Mark Driscoll a friend, and I also have friends across the way from him who take a pretty dim view of all things Driscoll. Nothing I say here is intended to alter any of that, or adjust the general lay of the land.
August 25, 2014
9. I liked Mark Driscoll before and I like him now.

And that was more than a year ago.  Has Doug Wilson had anything to say about Mark Driscoll since Mark Driscoll resigned in 2014?  Or since Mark Driscoll began to share on the conference circuit that God audibly gave him permission to quit and this after asserting he had agreed to submit to the board's restoration plan?

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