Sunday, October 18, 2015

as the corporation Mars Hill Fellowship keeps moving toward dissolution, where funds for Global ended up open-ended

Sutton Turner mentioned that he intended to post the numbers for where monies went for Mars Hill Global, if memory serves, but mentioned that some attorneys for some parties insisted otherwise.  If the corporation dissolves, however, is it possible for Turner to publish the numbers later? 

A person can ask, and at least Turner's public posting this year indicated he's willing to tell but that some attorneys apparently don't want him to. Will the people who would invoke 1 Cor 6 against those who might bring a case to court against a believer apply it to attorneys on behalf of Mars Hill, too?  It would appear that between those who might go RICO and those invoking attorney powers to preclude Turner from sharing the numbers for Global that the playing field is pretty level. If it's bad to invoke lawyers and if it's bad to go to law then whoever decided to tell Turner to keep silent on behalf of Mars Hill or former leaders isn't any better than anyone who might file RICO, not that it seems likely that RICO suit will ever get filed at this point.  Unless there's an actual filing with a case number that's a hypothetical, sort of like the hypothetical of whether or not those attorneys who threatened Turner will actually do something, too, perhaps.

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