Friday, October 16, 2015

a year ago, Mark Driscoll resigned pastorship and left Mars Hill. A brief index of tagged posts discussing the resignation and the variant narratives presented in the last year to explain it.

One Vanderbloemen wasted no time to crank out a piece about how the resignation changed "everything"

Some of us were not convinced anything at all was necessarily going to change.

Well, Mars Hill at that point was doomed to formal dissolution and the liquidation of its assets by way of the BoAA but it remains to be seen who can account for where the millions in the sale of alluded to assets may end up or where they have ended up already. 

But people can be wrong.  For instance, there turned out to be at least six distinct stories about how and why Mark Driscoll resigned his ministry and his membership.  If you want to read a diachronic survey of those stories ...

If you want to read posts tagged on the Gateway performance

If you want to read posts tagged on the Thrive performance

If you want to read the duet performance for Brian Houston

It's worth noting that during 2014 there was no point at which Mark Driscoll said "God told me X with respect to resignation".  It was more of "I'm not planning on going anywhere".  Then Driscoll resigned.  It was in 2015 on the conference circuit that Driscoll began to explain, about half a year after his resignation, that he heard God audibly release him from ministry.   If we scour the Bible for literary or historical precedents for God audibly conveying release from ministry to someone divinely appointed to a task the precedents are not hugely encouraging.

King Saul, for instance, was explicitly appointed and then "demoted" from the role he was called to in Israelite community.

In case you wondered, "performance" is the preferred word because the man is not in any way a pastor at this point since he quit, and rambling stories about kids and personal anecdotes while theoretically talking about biblical texts seems more accurately described as a "performance" than a "sermon".

POSTSCRIPT 10-17-2015

There's never been an explanation what "a trap has been set" could mean.  When a prophetic warning was issued to Ahab by Micaiah that was not about a trap that could be worked around. Ahab tried to disguise himself and still died in battle in a way that proves the soldierly joke, "Don't worry about the bullet with your name on it, worry about the bullet labeled `to whom it may concern'."

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