Monday, October 05, 2015

a series or two may be incubating here

Between that Robert Morris comment and the old Samuel D James remarks and even the "court of Google" stuff from Leithart, it just seems like a long-form case for the viability of what people call watchblogging may be in order.  You know, draw on the precedent of OT case law and the Torah; draw upon the precedent of the prophetic literature; draw upon explorations of prophetic office and activity as studied by Reformers like, oh, maybe Heinrich Bullinger; talk about theories of the press and how they play out in public commentary about the legitimacy of "platform".

You know, stuff like that. If neo-Calvinists and Robert Morris types are so relentlessly revealing their ignorance of biblical literature and writings from the Reformation then maybe it's worth taking a lay person's shot at overviewing some of the literature. It won't be a categorical defense of "all" watchblog activity, but a case for the restraint and constraints within which there is a scripturally and historically defensible precedent. As you can guess from that summary that's not going to be a swiftly developing project.

Another project is more a musicology meets history of ideas thing. Not much to say about that just yet.

I also haven't forgotten writing about the DCAU but that's tabled until next year.  This was supposed to be the year to return to blogging about animation and while we're not close to done venting about the artistic failures of Legend of Entitlement, better know as Legend of Korra, there's time to vent about the tokenism of that show later this week, maybe.

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chris e said...

"Between that Robert Morris comment and the old Samuel D James remarks and even the "court of Google" stuff from Leithart"

ISTM that Leithart's talk about unaccountability and proper channels cuts both ways.

After all, for years now he has been blogging away, seeking to reach people who - presumably - are not part of the body to which he is accountable. That that presumption has weight is indicated by the pro-FV campaign taking its fight to the web when it was under debate within the PCA.