Monday, September 28, 2015

Throckmorton: Robert Morris calls blogs Satan's hit list

So ...
Transcript of Robert Morris and Mark Driscoll from the Gateway Leadership + Worship Conference
on the evening of Monday, October 20, 2014, as broadcast live via DayStar Television:
Robert Morris:
 Uh, it was publicized that we cancelled him; that’s not true, we did not cancel. I’m speaking of Mark Driscoll. We did not cancel him. He and I decided together uh that he was going to step out of ministry for a season and get some healing. [emphasis added]

remember the guy who said last year that he and Mark Driscoll agreed he ought to step aside from ministry for a season has lately declared blogs that mention Christian leaders are somehow "Satan's hit list".

But, but I have to say this, um, I’m really concerned about how much time people spend on the Internet. I’m extremely concerned about it. Extremely concerned about it; here’s one thing, just even the blogs that mention Christian leaders, and I’m one of ‘em. Praise the Lord, I’ve made the Satan, Satan’s hit list now you know, but here’s what blows me away.

You wouldn’t listen to gossip, but you’ll read it. I mean, I have a friend of mine, that made a comment a while back, and it just blew up on the Internet. It blew up. Like he was “changing” his theological position. And really he was saying, ‘our methods are evolving’ but he had to clarify later, ‘my theological position’s not evolving on this issue, but our methods in dealing with people who are in bondage to sin, those are evolving, we’re trying to learn to deal with people who-who suffer with this’.

But on the Internet, everybody had already judged him. And he’s a pastor and he’s a friend of mine. And what upsets me is Christians read filth on the Internet. And they believe it.
And, I, um, you can’t imagine how many people have told me, that ‘this is true,’ “How ya know it’s true? ‘Read it on the Internet’

Anybody can write on the Internet. And the people who write on the Internet are people who would not have a platform, unless they put my name, or Bill Hybels’ name, or T.D. Jakes’ name in it, they wouldn’t have a platform, if they didn’t put someone’s name who already had a platform. Boy, I’m just fired up, I’m telling ya.

People who write on the internet are people who would not have a platform unless they put Robert Morris or Bill Hybels or T. D. Jakes by name on something?

What about Warren Throckmorton?  What about Tony Jones? What about anyone who has a blog where they can put their own name on it and say whatever they want because they can pay for their own internet access and have a modicum of assurance that there's this thing called the First Amendment? What does Robert Morris mean by a "platform"?

blogs as Satan's hit list ... and here I was thinking this week of writing about how there's a case to be made from the writings of Henrich Bullinger on the office and activity of the prophet for a legitimate place for what some people call watchblogging.  But who cares who Bullinger was or what influence he may have had on the Reformation, eh?

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Mike said...

I'd feel honored to be referred to in this manner by Robert Morris. If he starts referring to you as "Satan" or one of his minions, it's almost certainly because you're telling the truth that he seems to so vigorously hate.