Monday, September 28, 2015

Mark Driscoll shares how he's learned more about love, life and leadership [since he quit Mars Hill] than any season in his life.
In recent months, I’ve learned more about love, life, and leadership than any season of my life. God is a great Father who has proven incredibly faithful to my family and me. On a few occasions this week, Grace and I became teary as we recounted the ways God has been so good to us lately, including some wonderful people he has brought into our lives.
Mark Driscoll has learned more about leadership in recent months (since he quit being a pastor last year) than any season of his life? It sounds like quitting Mars Hill was the greatest thing that ever happened to Mark Driscoll when he puts it like that.


pc said...

That must mean he's ready to teach us again. Kind of like a friend who abandoned his wife and kids try to give advice on how to have a healthy family. Hey Driscoll, your old church members are still floating around, why not start with them and show us how it's done?

Mike said...

I think if I see the word "season" in this context again my head will explode.