Thursday, September 17, 2015

a bit from Samuel D. James' "For Whom The Blog Trolls--a drama in 10 acts"

Thursday, Somewhere in Cyberspace
Scene 1: A humble, 20something blogger writes a short, probably simplistic post about how (not) to talk about the church.

Scene 2: Our youthful hero writes disparagingly about a certain genre of online blogging that he finds distasteful and generally unhelpful. He is careful, however, to mention no names and no real scenarios.

Scene 3: He publishes the post, expecting little feedback. After all, it is a brief post, and makes only one real point: That Christians should not be bitter towards the church.

The rest of the scenes ... well ... I'm afraid you can pretty well get an idea where he went with this from scenes 1-3.

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