Thursday, August 13, 2015

an idea from ribbon farm's venkat on the inadequacy of faddish collectivism as a replacement for competent leadership.

An idea that can be popular with people who have moved along from Mars Hill can be that institutions have been the problem.  Well ... maybe the institution that has been Mars Hill was certainly problematic, but a faux-anarchist collectivist utopian ideal wasn't THAT far off from what a lot of people imagined for Mars Hill.  The idea that the remedy for the inevitable corruption in institutions is to forsake them sounds better in theory and on paper than in practice.  When I have needed serious medical attention I have not relied on the informal networks to get done what institutions are vastly better qualified to handle.

Over at ribbon farm, there's a little excerpt on corporate cultures and a failure to systematically study how leadership cultures and executives behave.  It comes off as a bit dense and snobby but, hey, that's ribbon farm.  You might get used to that part about it.
Almost nobody studies executive engagement. Especially not the people who should  be studying it: employees and stockholders. Most rank-and-file employees lack basic literacy in executive engagement assessment and have no idea how to evaluate their leaders. They swing between mindless idolatory of charismatic executives, faddish collectivist religions that serve as an alternative to trusting leaders, and stubborn resistance to the more hapless executives.

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