Wednesday, August 19, 2015

a heretofore never-done thing at Wenatchee The Hatchet, linking to a bunch of podcasts about punk music, but for a reason

Wenatchee The Hatchet may be known for any number of things but listening to and/or playing punk music would definitely not be one of them.  Jeff Bettger and Matt Johnson, however, they've been known to jam punk here and there over the last twenty years. 

What Matt and Jeff are both eloquently able to express is what it was like in the earlier years, what it was like for people who were into the arts and into the musician thing to join the church in its earliest years. If someone were to write a history of Mars Hill it would be important to explore the history of the community and not just write about the Mark Driscoll show.


Anonymous said...


Interesting stories for sure. Glad to hear that some of the MHC sheep came out the other side actually believing, and engaging the church. We should lament the many who apparently want little to do with "organized religion" in the wake of the collapse.

All the stories of the MHC early days are fascinating. Seems like there was a genuine effort to engage the young and creative. I wonder if the down-side to that is that any changes--for good or ill--naturally pushed away the folks who were attracted in the first place. This has become an unfortunate axiom in the evangelical world, where the things used to attract people in the first place have to be retained to keep them...and this isn't even accounting for the dark side of MHC.

I agree on your comment--I'd much rather hear these stories about post-MHC survival on the part of the rank-and-file than the next rock star gig Mark Driscoll may be up for.


Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

I think there was a sincere effort in the early days and Mike and Lief (as well as other people) had more prominent roles early on. A lot of that included Mark but went beyond him. If there were a history of Mars Hill written it would be important to convey the cultural dynamic included more than just Mark's rambling hours of yelling about the Bible.