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while Mark Driscoll Ministries gift solicitation, question, what is Mark Driscoll's net worth? Site claims he's worth 2.5 milion
Long ago, Mark Driscoll spoke from the pulpit about the problem of a ministry being named after one guy.
Part 3 of 1st Corinthians
Pastor Mark Driscoll
1 Corinthians 1:10-17
January 22, 2006

You know, what happens is they get these teams and they fight. Everybody gets a jersey, and it’s like you’re rock stars. And the indie rockers don’t like all the teeny-bop pop fans and everything’s sorta – and they carried this sort of cultural arrogance into the church. And they said, “Well, Paul’s my guy”, or “Peter’s my guy, Cephas.” Or “No, Apollos is my guy.” And they broke off into teams in the church. So they’d show up with their jerseys on, you know. The Raider fans over here in their silver and black, and then the Hawks fans over here on this side, and the East Coast hip-hoppers, and the West Coast hip-hoppers. And the whole church is divided and fighting, and they need not be.

They need not be the team of Paul, the team of Apollos, the team of Peter. Because Paul and Peter and Apollos all love Jesus, all said the same thing. They all serve the same God. Apollos was a great preacher. Peter was the leader of the disciples. And also Paul was the one who had founded the church. There were good reasons to respect each of these men. And what happened was that the church had an elevated sense of human leadership, and they adored, appreciated, admired and almost worshiped their leaders too much. This still happens in Christianity, right? Some of you love John Calvin. Some of you love John Wesley. Some of you love whomever it might be.

Some of you have teams that you consider yourself to be on, theologically or philosophically insofar as how church should be done. And what happens is that certain Christians get elevated like rock stars, and it’s not good. It’s not good at all. I know one church the pastor’s name is the domain for the church website. That’s not good. Like if it was and that was our website, you’d go, “You know that’s a little much.” That’s a little much, because if he gets hit by a car do we gotta get a new name? That seems that the church should be more than a focus on one person. That’s why to be honest with this church I try not to show up and speak at every event.
It’s amazing how few Christians have a pastor and have a church that they actually are connected to, involved in, and growing in. There is a growing number of people who profess to be Christians and just claim to be on Team Jesus. “I don’t need a church. Just me and Jesus, we hang.” These are people who have no respect for spiritual authority. They don’t have any real heart to show up and contribute to and benefit their church. They just tend to be people who are very – quite frankly – arrogant and proud. They’re so close to Jesus and they’re so much like him that they don’t need anybody else [emphasis added]

Well, it turned out that before Driscoll even preached that sermon somebody had set up   Now Mark Driscoll Ministries is up, which makes the irony of Mark Driscoll incrementally becoming everything he once criticized more striking.

http://mark driscoll  .org/support/ 

And the question of whether Mark Driscoll is a member of a church and submitted to spiritual authority of any kind is not the only pertinent question as to whether Mark Driscoll has been living out what he spent 18 years in ministry telling other people to do.

There's another question, seeing as publishers have retroactively amended books that had citation issues.  Given the royalties on book and other media sales and other assets how much does the ministry need gifts?  There's also the question of how and why Mark Driscoll, particularly since his video interview with Brian Houston, opted to make an apologetic overture to Joel Osteen, a man whose teaching he denounced in 2007 as errant. 

So, given that Driscoll's become and embodied so much of what he preached against there's a question whether he should get donations on that basis.  Then there's a pragmatic question of what he may be currently worth.  Even if he were preaching and teaching content Christians could whole-heartedly endorse there is also a question of whether he needs the money. 

Whether or not this website is accurate, it claims that Driscoll's net worth is $2.5 million.

Since Driscoll told Brian Houston he'd made an overture toward Joel Osteen and we can recall the Elephant Room 2 situation where Driscoll pronounced T. D. Jakes an orthodox Trinitarian (notwithstanding that Mark Driscoll denounced Jakes as a word-faith heretical wingnut in a 2007 lecture), what does the site say they're worth?

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