Tuesday, June 30, 2015

that interview

yep, heard about it, but not heard the audio yet.  Things have been busy for Wenatchee The Hatchet in other settings besides blogging in the last month or so.  Mere mortality being what it is, only so many things can be done. 

Technically Wenatchee The Hatchet never finished the review of Real Marriage and the recent ruling has been a reminder that there's a certain limitation to Driscoll's taxonomy of functional adulthood in males but that's something that can be addressed a bit later. Most of Wenatchee's reading and thinking this month has really been about musicology and what Leonard Meyer predicted would be a polystylistic dynamic steady state for Western arts. 

But since folks connected to Mars Hill keep saying stuff, okay, we'll get to some of that stuff as we can.  Well, let's put it another way, Wenatchee likes music and sometimes you get this idea of transcribing a baritone aria from the Matthew Passion for voice and guitar and want to find where the old copy of the Bach score is and can't find it. So readers hoping Wenatchee will keep up with everything Mars Hill, have some patience. :)

There's also a couple of off-line projects in the works.

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