Monday, June 08, 2015

Sutton Turner, part 1 of discuxssing repentance, forgiveness and failures of leadership culture

If Turner's part 1 seems to broadly and vaguely concede he sinned in how he treated people and that he continued the kinds of problematic leadership culture that was already at Mars Hill, and if that seems (understandably) to be not quite good enough for some people, let's keep something in mind.

First, Turner's blogging for the public and while that can be construed for many reasons to be bad it could also potentially be good.


Because nobody's sold tickets to have a simulcast of Turner even vaguely talking about what he said and did wrong, for starters.  Turner may still be a jerk but if he converted in 2005 and became an executive elder by 2011 he was possibly even more a baby Christian when he got executive level powers in a non-profit corporation than Jamie Munson was when he made himself president via the 2007 by-laws (unless Driscoll really wrote those by-laws ... depending on which version of MH mediated history we're talking about). 

Alert readers of Wenatchee The Hatchet may recall Sutton Turner came by to make a few clarifying statements about what he wasn't connected to from earlier this year, which were appreciated. 

And the thing to keep in mind for those who contest the reliability of Turner's account is that if you do contest it's reliability then burden's on yyou, whoever you may be, to set the record straight.  Wenatcheee The Hatchet had stopped attending MH years before Turner was on the scene and is not going to pretend to know if there are things in Turner's account that WtH could offer much correction to.  What is fascinating is after months of sharing his side of things on his blog Sutton Turner's account seems to have inspired nary a word from former MH president Jamie Munson, even though Turner's account seems to strongly imply that by the time he joined the MH executive crew MH was on the brink of a fiscal cliff and characterized by a toxic leadership culture he's now beginning to publicly say he contributed to.

Well, compared to former executive leaders Driscoll, Munson, Bruskas and Thomas it would seem that Sutton Turner admitting to having said or done anything wrong at all is more than what we've seen or heard from the others.  Turner may be covering his back side in how he broaches things, perhaps, but even those who suspect might recall that Turner indicated he was threatened with litigation from people who were or are lawyers for MH.  Why the corporation or its representatives should wish for that is mysterious and Turner may be understandably reticient to explain further what he mentioned at Throcimorton's blog.  And compared to Driscoll's Thrive performance Turner's story has not much contradicted or significantly retroactively altered the story that has taken shape about him and around him.  You don't have to exactly trust or like Turner to see taht his account does not having the same awkward holes and flip-flops in it Driscoll's stories have had in the last six years. 


molly245 said...

I always appreciate your balanced viewpoint and also that you keep bringing readers back to the central issues.

Heartbroken said...

Well said.