Thursday, June 04, 2015


Obviously not a whole lot of posting has been going on.  Some things have been incubating.  There's also such a thing as haing a creative life that isn't tethered to a blog.  So there's been activity, just not necessarily of the blogging kind.

Not yet anyway.

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Van Rue said...

Hello WtH, although I don't comment here I have long appreciated your hard work and have read many of your posts over the years. I am working on elements of MH Theological issues in a concise (aprox 12 page) format and your depth and breadth of knowledge in these matters unsurpassed, it would be negligent of me to not consider your wise council. I am about 7/8 done with the second draft. I have tried to contact you through mutual friends to no avail. Pls contact me (remain anonymous if you prefer). My name is Van Y Rue, my cel is Four Two 5, Two Six Nine, Zero 952. Email is: van.rue at outlook dot com.