Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Driscolls interview at Hillsong cancelled, Mark Driscoll Ministries not "quite" updated there, a correction about a misrepresentation that Driscoll preached something he didn't

from May 28, 2015

Thank You for Your Continued Prayers and SupportWe want to thank those of you have attended speaking engagements and sent words of encouragement to the address. We also thank those that continue to pray for and support this ministry.Upcoming Events

Pastor Mark will be speaking at the upcoming Hillsong Conference in Sydney and London. Please be praying as he travels, for health and for open hearts to hear the Gospel. You can learn more about upcoming events where Pastor Mark will be preaching here.

As of ... right about now anyway, the Hillsong event is described as an upcoming event.  Seems like everyone except the web admins at Mark Driscoll Ministries got the memo?

Given how much sharing Driscoll died about crying a lot and recycling stories from the Gateway conference with a few additional details having the Driscolls at Hillsong might have been a distraction, it might also have been redundant.  Spoiler alert, thanks to Thrive we learned Driscoll cried a lot and had stories to tell about how the media blocked his driveway and had a chopper flying over a house he told Russ Bowen (camera rolling, microphone hot) that, uh, wrong address, bro.  There's nothing Grace could have (or should) add to that update.  Why bring her on for a Hillsong rerun when Mark Driscoll updated plenty?

Driscoll preached recently and tickets were even on sale for a simulcast presentation, though the forthcoming Luke content sounds like it's a recycling (perhaps?) of the Luke series from the old Mars Hill days.  An earlier Driscoll would have warned against guys who recycle their greatest hits because they don't have new stuff but new stuff is apparently also in the works ...

Something that needs correcting, Driscoll never mentioned penis homes in any sermon he has ever preached in the history of his ministry, not that Wenatchee The Hatchet can ever document as yet.  There were words about a penis and a home published by William Wallace II on the old unmoderate Midrash. You can read all that over here:

But that's not a sermon.  That doesn't mean Mark Driscoll doesn't ahve to live with the reality of stuff he wrote under a pen name but it does mean the folks in the press reporting "penis homes" as a sermon are utterly wrong and a fact correction needs to be made about that.  Who's reported the penis home stuff as in sermons?  Well ...

The Guardian, for one.  Wenatchee's enjoyed reading the Guardian for over a decade so out of consideration for correcting a factual error here's a word out to their editors that WtH has found no evidence "penis homes" was in a sermon. 


Benjamin Ady said...

Nice call on the "penis homes" quote not being in a sermon. That quote was originally published by Julia Baird in her lateline segment in Australia last Friday evening. Julia got it right, calling the quote a "provocative statement", and in no way saying it came in a sermon. The Guardian and multiple other news sources picked up on the story following that lateline segment, and obviously at least one of them misinterpreted and got it wrong. Shoddy fact checking.

Are you an investigative journalist by trade? Your stuff comes off sounding like it's from an investigative journalist. I always enjoy your writing. It's so sharp. Seriously. Thank you for being awesome.

Matt said...

Joel Connelly of the PI also got his wrong...and he's been following Driscoll and Mars Hill for awhile now:

"In a sermon on sex, he once said: “Ultimately, God created you and it is His penis. You are simply borrowing it for a while. Knowing that his penis would need a home, God created a woman to be your wife. And when you marry her and look down you will notice that your wife is shaped differently from you and makes a very nice home.”"

I emailed him on June 5th to correct this, but he has not responded.