Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a linkathon

It would be hard to find a more accurate statement about the band than this little gem of directness.

One thing I’ve learned in years of being a Rush fan: Nobody ever changes their mind on this band.

and special agent Lana Kane would say "Yup."

Decades ago there was this film called Pocahantas.

Never saw it, never wanted to see it.  By then Disney's star was at a low ebb for Wenatchee The Hatchet and some other studio with a lamp in its branding became abruptly and memorably more significant.

There is apparently some concern that streaming music services butcher classical music and the reason?  It's about the metadata.


Wenatchee The Hatchet only shifted to digital download albums out of economic necessity and one of the problems with them is the lack of old stuff like liner notes and publisher information and many a digital download from the big river company DOESN'T EVEN BOTHER TO INCLUDE COMPOSER INFORMATION IN TRACK LISTINGS!  So unless I already knew that such and such a guitar sonata was by Lennox Berkeley I would be in for the luck of the draw purchasing a recording and while at a point of sale page you can find some stuff out often you can't.  And this becomes a big annoyance if you're inclined to, oh, dig up repertoire for alto saxophone and classical guitar.  It'd be a whole lot easier to go invest in a score for a piece of chamber music if that information were made available in the download album format as well as the physical copy.  Fortunately Kechley's got a website

In a moment of deciding to use fighting words, Richard Brody declared over at the New Yorker that in contrast to George Miller "Michael Bay has and gives more fun." Not that Brody didn't seem to enjoy the movie but, man ... did he watch the last Bayformers film?  After the third outing the fourth seemed way too dodgy.


Quaintly enough, though George Miller may not have as much fun as Michael Bay does in making a film as Richard Brody calls it, they both saw fit to feature the same model ... . Maybe there's some witty observation in there about casting and eye candy but that's probably enough linking for a linkathon on a weeknight.

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