Friday, May 15, 2015

Thrive in Context: Driscoll says in 2015 the media blocked his driveway and had a chopper; in 2014 he denied to a KOMO reporter, while camera rolled, the place was even Driscoll's residence.
Transcript | Mark Driscoll | Thrive 2015-05-01
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Things really escalated when the media showed up and blocked the driveway to the house, seeking an interview and brought a helicopter overhead to flush me out for an interview.  My kids had been outside playing and, uh, all of a sudden we heard this helicopter over the yard and so we pulled the family into the house and tried to figure out how to not be in front of a window because we didn’t want to be on the news and didn’t know what was going on, to be honest with you. 

Okay, so the recent account was that the media showed up and blocked the driveway to the house and brought a helicopter overhead to flush Driscoll out for an interview.

Driscoll's reaction to enquiry sounded like "Sorry, bro. Wrong address. I don't know."

And yet this year, well, for some reason Driscoll's willing to admit that the press found his address and that the press wanted to interview him.  What Driscoll said for the record, while cameras were rolling was to deny it was the right address.  It's obviously Driscoll's voice.  Driscoll didn't seem to mention that police were called but they found nothing wrong with a member of the press asking a pastor to give thoughts on a recent incident, and Driscoll didn't mention that a dog was released.  Does it play as well for sympathy to a crowd to say a German shepherd got released in response to a second enquiry from a journalist as to whether Mark Driscoll would respond on record to a question? How does Wenatchee The Hatchet get that detail about the German shepherd?  Because the dog is featured on Mark Driscoll's Instagram. So while it may play for the sympathy of a conference crowd to treat the press as adversarial let's not forget that Driscoll omitted mention of cops being called and a dog being released.  Considering that Mark Driscoll used to boast of being a professional journalist himself ...

The trouble started with a Southern Baptist blogger . . . yes, you should have seen that one coming. Now, to be fair, the blogger quoted an anonymous “source.” And, we all know that almost everything bloggers say is true. But, when they have something as solid as an anonymous “source,” then you can rest assured that when Jesus talked about the truth over and over in John, this is precisely what he was referring to. I have a degree from Washington State’s Edward R. Murrow College of Communication and worked professionally as a journalist, and I can assure you that The Kerfuffle is a very serious matter to be taken with the utmost sobriety and propriety. In fact, one anonymous “source” I spoke to said that Watergate pales in comparison.

One can only ask how it is that after being broadcast on screens across the world and having boasted in having worked as a professional journalist Mark Driscoll would present the press in such an adversarial way in the Thrive presentation. 

If Driscoll only in the last year and a half came to feel that answering direct questions from journalists was traumatic what happened to the bravura with which he boasted in his credentials back in 2012? 

Driscoll's put himself in a pickle.  He can't plea for sympathy from the conference crew about the press trying to "flush me out for an interview" if in 2014 he denied to a member of the press, cameras rolling, for the record, that he even lived at his own house.  For Driscoll to make the plea for sympathy now is to admit he lied back then as a simple process of elimination.


Heartbroken said...

Where did he work as a "professional" journalist? School paper? Wouldn't that be considered "amateur?"

Can the claim of "professional" even be verified?

mike w said...

Of course it can't be verified, just like his claim that Washington State had one of the top communications programs in the country. As near as I can find, Washington State is simply not a top-ranked communications program in any way, shape or form and would be ranked in the lower half of the Pac12 Conference.

The answer to this, as virtually every other inquiry, is that Driscoll lies and attempts to get through life with bullying, bluff and bluster--but that he is not a very good liar and is only competent enough to fool the most credulous, gullible, or vulnerable sorts of people.

I sincerely doubt that he has ever been a professional journalist as he has already given very strong indications that he is a pathological liar.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

previous posts on that question

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Driscoll has never been able to prove he has even a single by-line to his name as a journalist. Celebrity editorializing for the Seattle Times does not count.

mike w said...

I'm a prof, as such, I like to keep close tabs on top schools. I have checked several rankings, the ERM School of Communications at WSU is not a top school, it shows up on absolutely no ranking. If anyone can produce one, I'd be glad to retract this. As for his journalism claims, a number of times I've been asked to write guest pieces for a trade publication or the student newspaper at my university. That does not make me a professional journalist in any manner.