Saturday, May 16, 2015

staging a comeback, no longer the pretense of Reformed, but a charismatic without a seatbelt

Since Driscoll's resignation he's hit the stage at Gateway and at Thrive and lately is slated for Gold Creek Community (according to reports).

As Wenatchee has written in the past, the most plausible guess as to what may happen next is Driscoll will stage a return but to pull this off he may have to make official what the actually Reformed have been saying for years, that he was never really one of them to begin with.  Driscoll has joked that he's a "charismatic with a seatbelt" for years, but in the wake of his resignation, particularly this year's retroactive imputation of a divine commission for his quitting rather than planting a church, Driscoll may be poised to stage his own comeback as a charismatic without a seatbelt.

There's no indication amidst any of this he's under anyone's spiritual authority or submitted to anybody; no indication that after decades of urging others to do that that he's doing so himself.  Driscoll may have his comeback but it will necessarily put him in a situation of preaching (if ever, again, on spiritual authority) "do as I say, not as I'm doing ... right now."
That's one practical thing is, I'd never been a member of a church until I started my own. So I didn't know a lot about church. But I wanted, I knew I was a big personality and pretty intense so I wanted to be under authority but I made a mistake of--how do I say this carefully?--trying to be under the authority of my elders but the truth is all my elders were new and young and green and they would want to help but they really didn't know what they were talking about.

And so what I should have had was a team of pastors outside of the church who were older and more seasoned that could, you know, help Grace and I put life together.

Driscoll had that, actually.  He had plenty of people vetting him and encouraging him early on, and many of them were older than him.

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