Sunday, May 10, 2015

Since Driscoll talked about forgiveness in 2015, let's revisit his tweets on forgiveness from 2013. "If a crime is committed, you can forgive someone & still call the cops".

On Monday, June 17, 2013, Mark Driscoll posted a few tweets on forgiveness amid thoughts about
 things like Father's Day. These tweets stand out for being a bit odd and out of place.  But since they're about forgiveness, and Driscoll made a point of talking about forgiveness at the Thrive conference lately, we can revisit them.
Forgiveness is not covering up sin committed against us. If a crime is committed, you can
forgive someone & still call the cops.
10:38 AM - 17 Jun 13
Healthy transitions in relays & leadership come down to the handoff. Train up your successor.
Don't chuck the baton & storm off the track.
1:20 PM - 17 Jun 13
Forgiveness is a gift to your offender...and to yourself, freeing you up to move on with your
5:25 PM - 16 Jun 13

So if we take for conversational purposes that Driscoll says forgiveness is important, by Driscoll's own axioms on forgiveness, you can forgive someone in a way that doesn't cover up the sin they have committed against you.  If a crime is committed you an forgive someone and still call the cops.

Or at least that's forgiveness according to tweets by Mark Driscoll. 

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