Saturday, May 16, 2015

perhaps ironically from Slate, "Why the Far Left and Far Right are Stuck in Echo Chambers of Their Own Making"

Well, okay, not quite that ironic, since based on the chart you can see over at the piece, Slate may be Slate ... but it's not Salon.

Wenatchee The Hatchet has observed that the echo chamber effect sure seems to be real.  It was years that progressives repeated the old canard about how Mark Driscoll said Gayle Haggard let herself go.  Driscoll never said that. What he did was simply use the Haggard controversy as a pretext from which to pontificate on his usual grab bag of subjects.  It probably wouldn't have mattered if the wife of the leader in question looked like Carla Bruni, Driscoll's soapbox was going to be what it was.

And the echo chamber was what it was.  Even now there are probably some progressives who have bought the story that Mark insulted Ted Haggard's wife.  The echo chamber effect at the other side of the spectrum might well be going on now.  People want to believe the Driscoll narrative about family persecution.  It's an easily pitched story. But the gap between the stories Driscoll has liked to share and the ... well, constructed mediated reality of Instagram might one day need to be accounted for.

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