Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mockingbird: Sarah Condon on "The Legalism of Swimsuit Season"


This could be a great lead-in to finally blogging about the brilliant South Park episode "The Hobbit" ... but won't be.

Remembering years ago how a friend, with great animation, recommended Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America ... eh ... didn't much care for the book or find its argument compelling.  It's not that modesty isn't valuable it's more like that guys between the ages of 17-23 in certain Christian circles seem to think that women need to be sufficiently modest that a guy's thoughts don't roam.  At another level it also seems as though in American popular imagination any appreciation of beauty as beauty isn't possible because beauty must always be assimilated into and subordinated by a concern with eros. 

Wenatchee recalls a conversation with a guy years ago where he said that if a guy is friends with a beautiful woman and "nothing will happen" that "it seems like a big tease".  That, dear readers, seems all the part of expectation on the part of a guy.  Is there some law that stipulates that any males who have friends who happen to be attractive women need to somehow get beyond the "friend zone" into "something more"?  Why? 

Oh, yes, well, this is linking about the legalism of swimsuit season.  There's always going to be anxieties for the looked upon and the looker, it seems.

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