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If Driscoll's sharing how a conflict from 8 years ago recently went public that's another nail in the coffin for "we're not entirely sure who they are"
As well, one of the things that has been complex is the fact that a lot of the people that we are dealing with in this season remain anonymous. And so we don't know how to reconcile, or how to work things out with, with people because we're not entirely sure who they are, and so that has, that has made things a little more complex and difficult as well. [emphasis added]
But this week Driscoll talked about how a conflict from 8 years ago was recently made public.  Right, because even though Mark Driscoll said last year "we're not entirely sure who they are" NOW Driscoll can talk about a conflict from 8 years ago as a thing.

So first Justin Dean taunted Rob Smith as having failed to produce a lawsuit for more than a year., and further taunted Smith about a federal tax lien as a reason Smith has no credibility pushing for financial transparency.

Then ...
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During the past twelve months, an online petition calling for “greater financial transparency from the leadership of Mars Hill” was started and has since been signed by 507 people. While some of those who have signed the petition may have been donors to Mars Hill Global, the overwhelming majority (98%) of signers never gave to Mars Hill Global.

On April 4, 2014, parties whom were led by a former Mars Hill member sent a legal request for the preservation of documents to Mars Hill Church. This type of request normally proceeds a lawsuit, however a year has passed since Mars Hill received the legal notice. Then in August and again in December, these parties threatened legal action against many of the former MHC leadership, including myself. They charge that former leaders misappropriated funds with regards to Mars Hill Global. There are however a few facts to consider:
4. The leader of this potential legal action has not been a member of Mars Hill Church since 2007. He is a CEO of a non-profit that participates in Africa, and Mars Hill once supported this non-profit. There are now four remaining potential plaintiffs listed in the most recent threat of legal action sent in December 2014.

Okay, Turner can make these points, fair enough.  But by making them this means that it's looking impossible for Mark Driscoll to have been honest with the "we're not entirely sure who they are" statement.  If Justin Dean could taunt Rob Smith this March that it'd been more than a year and no litigation had happened how could Justin Dean have known that if Mark Driscoll was being honest saying "we're not entirely sure who they are"?  And if Sutton Turner was also aware of it and has recently stated that the "leader" of the potential legal action used to be at Mars Hill, and also stated that a preservation of documents letter was sent April 4, 2014 then how on earth could Mark Driscoll have honestly and seriously asserted on July 21, 2014 "We're not entirely sure who they are?" If both Justin Dean and Sutton Turner have been telling the truth about how far back they knew about the litigation situation then it makes it increasingly difficult to take Driscoll as someone who was being honest.

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