Monday, May 18, 2015

HT Jim West, an observation about prophets.

Prophets never resign or retire, they just die.

Seems generally applicable.  Anybody wanna try to come up with a counterexample of a self-described prophet who resigned?

How about Mark Driscoll? 

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Sundancer, an Illuminated Clown said...

Prophets? HUH?...they were surgically removed from "christianity" shortly after the "REAL" church was ignited and transformed by the Holy fire at Pentecost, with its out of sight miraculous powers, Resplendent Love and UNITY. Removed thanks to the Roman empire counterfeit stepchild we accept today as a branch of christianity, that bludgeoned the nascent church underground and into secrecy, and replaced it with the militant “empire” version for the next 1,000 years or so, as yet another division, another denomination, now among the thousands of schisms that proclaim themselves as “the church”.

Then the protestant version marched forth, using a similar but slightly smaller hammer, reinforced that travesty and copied the Caesar compulsion of the Kingly man, and his hierarchy,as overlords of the people, by instituting the still prevailing “Poster Pastor” charade...since “the people” love Kings that assume powers and responsibilities over them, to somehow teach and distinguish their Soul, from their Spirit then from the flesh... as the people obsessively entranced by their celebrity pastor to idolize and encourage and maintain their passivity as a loyal but mesmerized audience, applauding and tossing flowers and ducats at his feet.

Prophets? The ones that are truly called by the Spirit, to be those voices are usually booted out of churches and branded “rebels” simply because they give voice to the long list of violations of what is called The New Testament and ignorance of the Old one.

The “Real” church was governed by a collegiate form of a plurality of overseers called Elders,, a word and title and function that appears nearly sixty times in the NT...where as the word P A S T O R is not in the NT at all...then only “once” as the plural, “Pastors” alongside, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists,and Teachers...ALL active and ALL required in the REAL church. That form of plurality is (was) the safety mechanism Jesus installed in His original body of believers in order to guarantee that every local church would be served by the much needed and anointed plurality of ministers submitted to each other in love, in order to mature, educate discipline, and inspire every local church, instead of the myriad of denominations, divisions, false doctrines and “Traditions” that dominate what we call the church.

That blueprint in the New Testament, when followed again, will show in sharp relief that Jesus is the Head “stone”, (that todays builders are rejecting), and then His power, His Spirit, and His master plans will radically and forever restore His church that is falling into dissolution and disrepair. Then by that repentance and return to His Word, will give birth to His Bride, that sun clothed pregnant woman, found in chapter 12 of the book of revelation.
What we have accepted and extol as christianity is an aberration and is false, the illness, the neuroses, of the people, accepting the one man rule tradition, (reread Samuel when the people clamored for a king “like the other nations”...I say denominations... and reject the prophet Samuel who decries to the Lord “they are rejecting me”,and the he is corrected by the Lord, “No Samuel they are rejecting me...but we will give them a king”), that deep, unconscious and carnal compulsion has so obsessed humanity and christians to their own detriment...(as we witness in the Mars Hill... Mark Driscoll... traumatic fiasco, to the thousands of disenfranchised, confused, bewildered and wounded people, and is yet another nail in the coffin of what is shamelessly called “christianity”)

Just sayin

M ore details in my forthcoming book “The Church Must Be Born Again

Robert DeFord