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courtesy Throckmorton: Transcript of 10-20-2014 Robert Morris/Mark Driscoll presentation at Gateway
Transcript of Robert Morris and Mark Driscoll from the Gateway Leadership + Worship Conference

on the evening of Monday, October 20, 2014, as broadcast live via DayStar Television:

Robert Morris: “Tonight’s been phenomenal. Would you agree? So far uh, we’re just getting started (applause). Part of our heart is that you’re refreshed in the presence of God, when you come. And I hope you, you were refreshed in his presence, uh, tonight. Uhm, I wanna before I uh introduce Steven, our our speaker tonight, I want to introduce you to a friend. A good friend of mine. And I’ve been um speaking with him for several months now. He’s going through uh a a difficulty that most of you’ve probably read about. Um, I know the behind the scenes story. Uh, he was supposed to speak at our conference. Uh, it was publicized that we cancelled him; that’s not true, we did not cancel. I’m speaking of Mark Driscoll. We did not cancel him. He and I decided together uh that he was going to step out of ministry for a season and get some healing. [emphasis added] Uh he asked me, ‘could I come to the conference and just attend’? And I thought that was very big of him. To just come and be ministered to and again I just want to say a couple things, first of all, I want you to know that everything you read on the internet is not true (laughter, applause). And there are some pastors, myself included, and some others that you would know, that we’re speaking into his life and he’s listening. And uh, uh uh most of what you read is not true. Some of it is. He did make some mistakes. Uh here’s what I figure. We’ve got two choices. One is we could crucify him (pause). But since someone’s already been crucified (hollering)for him (applause, hollering). The other choice is we could restore him with a spirit of gentleness considering ourselves, lest we are also tempted (applause). It is very sad that in the church we’re the only army that shoots at our wounded. And I want you to stop it. I really do. Thank you. I’d like for you to show your love for him and for you to just welcome him. Mark would you stand up. This is Mark Driscoll. (Standing ovation, extended applause, hollering, whistling). (murmuring between MD and RM) (more applause, hollering, whistling)”

Mark Driscoll (begins at 2:58): “Thank you Pastor Robert. Uhm. What do you want me to do? If you give a microphone to a preacher who’s been gone for a while, he could go for a long time (laughter). Uhm.”

Robert Morris (3:10): (points to floor): “Trap Door”.

Mark Driscoll (3:11): “Alright Uhm. Very, very - love you and thank you as well, thank you. Uhm. Yah, for me I’m in a season of just uh healin’ up, praying. Uh, asking the Lord Jesus through wise counsel to show me any blindspots where I can grow. And as Pastor Appreciation Month I just wanna say that Jee-Jesus really appreciates you and appreciates your family and uh, if you think of anything, just pray for my family. I think there’s a lot I could say that would make me feel better. I don’t know that it would make me look better, but I don’t think it would make Jesus look better, so I won’t say anything other than uh just pray for my family we’ve had a uh a very trying season and uh um, just trying to figure out how to be a good pastor to my family first. We all know that’s the most important thing and uh, um, (burp) would you mind if I shared a story or two? Uhm, is that okay, like?

Um. I, I’ve cried a lot lately uhm er it’s been a rough season for the family. I guess you could take a seat. Um, (laughter) and um, and for those of you, I would say don’t overlook your family as first ministry. Uhmm. And for me we’re just really appreciate your prayer for our family. We’ve got five kids, three boys, two girls, ages 8 to 17 and uh we’ve moved three times now for safety issues. [there is no explicit time frame describing whether the move was over the course of one or fifteen years] Uhm. People arrested at our home, death threats, uh address posted on-line, all kinds of things and uh more recently it’s gotten very severe.

We came home from break. There was rusty nails all over the driveway. We uh, we uh we had a night where the kids wanted to sleep out in the tent and uh I got a call that um my uh address was posted on-line by the media and um so, we, we, we went out of town for a few days, came back uh the kids said ‘no, we gotta sleep in the tent so I didn’t sleep. But we, we were in the tent all night and uh, woke up in the morning about 6:30or so and huge rocks about the size of baseballs come flying at my kids uh 8, 10 and 12 years of age. Call the police. Flee into the house for their safety. Uh a few days later. I think it was, I don’t remember, the media flies overhead with a helicopter and is trying to flush us out for a story.

And uh that night uh we’re hiding in the house, my 8 year old son comes down and he’s wearing a military jacket, he’s loading up his Air Soft rifle (laughter)and he uh (MD chuckles) he looks at me and he says ‘hey dad is this uh is this jacket bullet proof? (soft laughter) and I just started crying and said, ‘why’s that little buddy?’ and he said, ‘Well it’s bad guys in the helicopter coming to shoot the family, right?’ He didn’t have any concept of, of media coverage, he thought it was bad guys coming to kill his family and he was gonna defend his sister (faint laughter) and so uh praise God he’s finally sleeping in his bed again, but it’s been a while to get him to do that with night terrors and so, there’s just a lot going on for our family, I appreciate Pastor Robert and the team here. I just want to come here to uh sing, to pray, uh to learn, to grow, uh to repent, to heal and uh uh God is surrounding me with some great pastors and friends, and if I could just say anything, it’s ‘every pastor needs a pastor’. And and, uh you pastors, your family needs you to be their pastor. So thank you”. (applause, whistling)

Robert Morris (begins 6:34):

“Thank you, thank you for your graciousness very much and um, um., we’re grateful. Debbie and I’ve been able to spend some time with Mark and Grace and talking with them and uuhh, we were talking the night before he resigned and talking about that and um talking through the situation and you know he uh resigned the church he founded and pastored for 18 years. (draws breath) Uhm, he, he, you know, when I say he made some mistakes, he made some mistakes like he past- he preached ten to twelve years, 50 weeks a year. Sometimes six services a weekend. And uh it’s just not healthy and um, so I’m uh glad that uh he’s saying, ‘help me’. ‘Hel-help me learn uh to do it differently and do it better.” And so I love him very, very much and um I’m I’m glad that he’s here. Uh you’re going to be blessed. Uhm, tonight I was thinking though that uh we invited uh Mark and Steven to be at, a part of our conference and they both got bad media this year. Huh-huh-huh-uh-he, I uh-uh-huh-uhuh I just uh they’re buddies now. So huh-uh (laughter) Uh but uh but it is surprising how, how uh we believe so quickly something that we read, uh about a brother in Christ that we’ve never even met.”
7:55 Robert Morris goes into Steven Furtick’s introduction…

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