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Chris Rosebrough discusses Driscoll's Thrive speech at Fighting for the Faith, a short discourse on things that didn't get woven into the recent Thrive stuff

While Wenatchee The Hatchet has a few things to say those might have to wait.  Short version, consult "The Hardest Part of Ministry" and a transcript of the Gateway speech.

Gateway posts
Dori Monson had some trouble confirming the accuracy of the stone-tossing story, though there seemed to be some report of an incident.

The moved 3 times thing seems to play fast and loose with the history of Driscollian real estate over the last fourteen eyars

Now if the Driscolls dropped the rumored Orange County rental space, and moved out of the house gifted to Driscoll's sister Melanie, and have nestled more permanently into a third house they may have had (possibly since 2013) then, okay, moved three times.  But "for safety issues" seems to beg the question, does a megachurch pastor move to Woodway for "safety issues"?  If they didn't feel safe in Woodway would they want to move to White Center or Lake Forest Park?

Given how much Driscoll's bragged on his media credentials and those of his wife how did an 8-year old kid from this couple fail to grasp what media coverage was?

Not saying the Driscolls as a family don't have reasons they feel they should be scared, just pointing out that for as many years as Driscoll boasted in the media savvy of himself and his wife that a kid failing to grasp even by age 8 that there's choppers in the Pacific Northwest is a stretch.  Reacting as though a news helicopter (by definition a civilian vehicle) could be "bad guys", well, it makes sense if a three year old kid who saw Sam Raimi's Spiderman 2 would worry that Doctor Octopus might hurl the family car out of a parking lot but 8?  Eh ... .

As for some of the stories, they hail from late 2013's "The Hardest Part of Ministry"

Driscoll has never really owned up in the last seven years to what he could own in 2006, that at least one weird incident was catalyzed by his posting as William Wallace III.
William Wallace IIMember
posted 01-06-2001 09:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for William Wallace II   Click Here to Email William Wallace II     Edit/Delete Message

I love to fight. It's good to fight. Fighting is what we used to do before we all became pussified. Fighting is a lost art form. Fighting is cheaper than medication and more effective than counseling. Fighting always wins over compromise. Fighting is what passionate people do instead of killing. So log on, fight away. And if you are reading this and talking to yourself log on you coward and get in the ring.

Radical Reformission
ISBN 0-310-25659-3Mark Driscoll
copyright 2004 by Mars Hill Church
page 14

... So I married Grace, began studying Scripture with the enthusiasm of a glutton at a buffet, and started preparing myself to become a pastor who does not go to jail for doing something stupid. To pay the bills, I edited the opinions section of the campus newspaper, writing inflammatory columns that led to debates, radio interviews, and even a few bomb threats--which was wonderful, because the only thing worse than dying is living a boring life. [emphasis added]

Mark Driscoll,  Zondervan
copyright (c) 2006 by Mark Driscoll
ISBN-13: 978-0-310-27016-4
350-1,000 people

At this time, our church also started an unmoderated discussion board on our website, called Midrash, and it was being inundated with postings by emerging-church type feminists and liberals. I went onto the site and posted as William Wallace II, after the great Scottish man portrayed in the movie Braveheart, and attacked those who were posting. It got insane, and thousands of posts were being made each day until it was discovered that it was me raging like a madman under the guise of a movie character. One guy got so mad that he actually showed up at my house to fight me one night around 3 a.m. [emphasis added]

Driscoll's pleas for sympathy in 2013 neglected to mention that his own incendiary public persona could have had anything at all to do with triggering bad ideas in emotionally unstable people. 

And it's important to correct Driscoll on something about some of the prophets.  Jeremiah was not told by God he had to never marry because of his ministry being life-threatening.  Peter was described as having a wife.  Jeremiah was told to not marry because God said the wrath and judgment coming down on Israel for its wickedness would be unsparing and pervasive.  Don't marry because she'll end up dead, too. 

It's worth pointing out that Driscoll has expressed regret that he posted as William Wallace II sorta ...

but review what he published about the WW2 and Dead Men days in Confessions and God's Work, Our Witness and he doesn't seem all THAT sorry.

For the full text of God's Work, Our Witness ...

While Wenatchee could attempt to bracket out which stories got recycled and in what ways this isn't a blog that's exactly gained a reputation for simplifying things for folks who want it bottom-lined for them. 

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